What's with this gold/silver?
Depending on your choice of poster, we will apply a leaf of real 24 carat gold or pure silver on one (or two) letters. The gold/silver is permanently bonded with the paper as the paper's texture lends itself to the leaf, with a little support of a thin layer of high quality glue. Each poster is unique as there is absolutely no way to apply the gold or silver to a letter all the same.


Brushing the excess gold off. 

Can I have all the letters in gold/silver?
We will think about offering a version of a poster with all the letters in gold/silver. For now, it's one or two letters only, as the process is quite time consuming. And imagine if after doing 20 letters, something happens and messes up the whole poster. 

How precise is the process of applying precious metals?
It's rather precise, but do not expect a laser like, robotic precision. This is manual work after all, dealing with brushes and real materials. The added benefit is that due to these small imperfections the poster looks rustic, warmer, and humane.

Can I scratch the gold/silver out?
Well, yes, apply enough pressure with a sharp object and you could. But why would you do that!?


Silver details.

Who is doing this?
The main folks behind this can be found at Twitter @gpeuc & @monikaharmonika, and you can ping the official Twitter account @goldandletters